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"It was the natural order of things... all things must die."
Jordan, 22
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The drive from me to you.

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I’m suddenly very interested in languages, like I want to be fluent in everything, where did this come from?

In honor of September 1st, zacharybinks, Becca, Casey and I rode the Hogwarts Express to Hogsmeade at precisely 11AM and practiced magic around Diagon Alley.


Let’s go home.

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Alfred Hitchcock’s REAR WINDOW.

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Paris Night&Day by A labgraph

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@RobThomas: “Veronica, Logan, Keith were the backbone of the show.” 

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Found this gem from zacharybinks in my drafts.  

Found this gem from zacharybinks in my drafts.  

True Life: I’m currently attempting to write a comedic webseries about a bunch of dumb boys.


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